Thanksgiving Menu...Sometimes Change Is NOT Good

I can't believe Thanksgiving is around the corner. We are busy making plans: menus, guest lists...etc....How about you?

My mom, age 77, and dad, age 79, still enjoy hosting Thanksgiving dinner(Rock On Dooey and Jim). So 46 years later, I am still eating at Mom and Dad's. And I love every minute of it. Being one of five, has allowed, in recent years, my mom to dole out some of the sidedishes. I've made the stuffing and butternut squash for a few years now. Not sure yet what my official role will be this year, but I will adapt quickly.

So our menu basically looks like this:

Turkey (always perfect)
Mashed Potatoes
Carrot and Turnip
Sweet Potato
Cranberry Sauce
Pickle/Olive Platters
Dinner Rolls
Other Assorted Desserts

Nothing funky. Nothing over the top. Perfect.

I personally could eat carrot and turnip everyday. And mashed potatoes stuffing and LOTS of gravy. LOTS. In fact gravy should be its own food group. (I know...FAT!)

So no need to change a thing. You can't outdo perfection. Thanksgiving is comfort food at its ultimate. Can't wait.
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