Pamela's Mix Makes Gluten-Free Easy!

Since my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac in May, it has been a struggle to make things for her that taste like they used to. Thanks to Lissa from Keep It Simple, Keep It Fresh for turning me on to Pamela's brand products.

The Baking and Pancake Mix is our favorite. We started out just using it for pancakes...then I slowly started using it cup for cup in my regular recipes, and it worked great.

I just ordered 3 big 4 pound bags for holiday baking, as I do not use wheat flour in our house any longer.

It's so nice to have something that works for us in so many different ways.

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  1. How is the gluten free diet coming along? Has it helped? I have thought about her and your discovery every time I see the words Gluten Free.



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