Soothing Color Palette...Chic...Yet Sooo Comfy

Found these fabulous images on decorpad.com
I love the soothing color palette...but especially love the comfort. A living space should be relaxing...sink into a sofa...lounge with a coffee on a Saturday morning...curl up with a good book...


  1. Love your taste!

    Be sure and visit my blog for a chance to WIN a monogrammed pashmina scarf from Marley Lilly! So many fabulous colors to choose from, good luck!

  2. i love the way those living-rooms look ! I imagine this kind of palette in the beach house with the fire place it would be great !
    Love your tastes by the way...

    The gift will soon arive ( i hope so...)

  3. So calm, serene, peaceful!! Love the pic with the stone wall and framed prints - where can I do that in my house??? Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Very Pleasant. My house is full of colors that make your head spin. We have very strong personalities...UGH!!!


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