Ocean-Themed Bedrooms...Sweet Dreams

Can you imagine falling asleep by the ocean...I mean RIGHT by the ocean? No wave sound machine...no IPod or MP3 player. No AM radio set between stations so the static sounds like "waves" (no i've never done that)...just REAL waves crashing against millions of grains of fabulous sand...tides drifting in and out, Ok...I'm putting myself to sleep...enjoy.


  1. OH MY DREAM !
    The only time i did that was when i do camping or when i was 12 living in New Caledonia ...
    I often hear the sound of waves in Kerlouan , especially when the wind is blowing. Always a magic moment ! One day you will come to my house...

  2. That top one was my honeymoon!!!

  3. I had to sit and think.... the first one. Beautiful, all of them. Where are they- do you know? And THANK YOU for identifying the hummingbird moth! The funny part was the dialogue between my husband and I went in the reverse today- he said "Look at the bee- wait no butterfly" my reply- "I don't know what it is but it's cool- I am going to grab the camera". Easy to see how it got it's name.

  4. I would LOVE a beach/ocean-themed bedroom!! I absolutely love beaches, so why not incorporate them in with my room?


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