My ABC's

I've seen this on a few blogs...join in if you'd like :) Today's my birthday, so I thought I'd take 5 minutes for myself to play a bit:

A- Arden, Elizabeth...my fav cleanser/toner
B- Bananas...I eat one for breakfast every day
C- Christmas, my fav holiday
D - Dunkin Donuts small iced french vanilla with cream and extra sugar...once a week
E- Eggs...I like mine overeasy with buttered toast for dipping
F-France..where my friend Morgane lives :)
G - garbage day is Monday
H-Halloween....my daughter will be a Bumblebee..again...score!
I- Icing...could eat it by the spoonful
J - James...my dad....and my bro
K- my husband
L-Lynn...my middle name
M-I'm a Middle School Teacher
N-Nutella....to die for
O-the start of every good Irish name
P-Pizza...morning, noon, or night...any crust, any sauce, any topping except pineapple...I don't like fruity pizza
Q-Quilter...a talent I wish I had
R- Rob Roy...never had one...but would like to
S-Shore...my fav place to be /live /play
T- Ticks...despise them
U-I hate umbrellas...so I wear a raincoat with a hood
V- Violets...I have had several for over 10 years
W-Watercolor painting...relaxing...muted...
X-Xanadu...a really bad movie I saw when I was a kid
Y- Yesterday... was a good day
Z- Zoo...my fav field trip...until the polar bear exhibit closed :(


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Cute idea. My middle name is Lynn too! Hope you had a great day!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Stop by again!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your ABCs!

  4. oh happy birthday to you ! Have a fabulous one with your familly .
    I love your game , i'm very touched you included me in ! I will play tomorrow , when i have some time for me.
    I share almost 2 items with you ( no almost 3) : teacher, living on the shore , and hating umbrellas !

  5. Happy birthday! :-)

    Wow, 18 years - I can´t even imagine how strange it must feel without your furry friend. Did you get another pet after that?

  6. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday..., and oh do I not like umbrellas, haha!!


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