Seahorses and Lavender

New to my Etsy shop...seahorse stamped muslin bags filled with organic lavender. Also, glass Ball jars with sachets. Great wedding favors.


  1. This is so beautiful - I'm such a fan of Mason jars, so you had me right there :) Such a lovely and creative idea!
    And thanks for the sweet comment - I think that was just a good hair day (though I do use this Aveda smoothing product that works wonders!).

  2. I just love this! Love the seahorse and I love lavender :)

  3. Very nice ! Do you use your own lavender to made them ? I had tones on the garden this summer , but the bees didn't allow me to cut any flower :(

  4. Aw thanks girls.
    And yes Morgane, we grow our own lavender. I dry it on the sunporch, ,then strip it (for days). We had tons of bees too, but found early morning good for cutting. The bees just seemed to move to the next plant. Our plants are mature...about 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall. I love to do this. You should try next year.

  5. Ahh the things a dude must put up with to get pearls from your life. Worthwhile? Absolutely...


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