Lavender and Seaglass

We harvested lavender a few weeks ago..and as some of my long time readers may remember, we strip the stems and make sachets, etc...Well the stripping (of lavender:) is progressing nicely. We've filled this big pail from just one basket. I am anxious to start getting crafty. I welcome lavender ideas/suggestions. I may be trying my hand at candlemaking.
On another note, we have been doing some serious beachcombing for seaglass this summer. Always a staple of summer. Do you collect seaglass?
Happy Thursday!


  1. I love to collect sea glass, but it's becoming so scarce. I almost succumbed to buying one of the fake bags of it at a craft store the other day, just to boost my supply!

  2. Have you found lavender sea glass yet? It's a thrill. Happy crafting and perhaps you'll find something to do with that sea glass too.

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon


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