I HEART Bermuda...especially the Shorts (and Skirts)

I have always been a saver...no not money...I WISH. I save pages from catalogs and magazines and keep them in binders. I was going through one of these precious binders the other day, when I came across a page featuring Bermuda Styles shorts. I looked them up online, and found out that they now offer women's skirts and men's pants.

I lOVE the fact that certain skirt styles, like the seahorse are available in 2 hem lengths. Short is cute for summer...but not so cute when you are bending over at a student's desk :)

The women's martini glass shorts are adorable!
Every man should have some lobster pants. Go great with tan feet and worn topsiders.
And for your favorite crab...

I am so sad that I have tuned in so late in the season...beneficial though, because a few styles are on SALE! Who doesn't love a sale. They also have solids for the more reserved prep.

off to flip through my binder...it may warrant its own post!


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