Stonewall Kitchen GF Brownies Knocked Our Socks Off!

Ok all of my Gluten Free friends out there...and not..these are AMAZING!

We bought these on a recent visit to North Conway at the Stonewall Kitchen outlet at Settler's Green. You may think a little pricey for ten dollars and some change...but worth every cent.

We made them at 7 this morning to avoid overheating the house on this gorgeous sunny day. Well...less than 1/2 a pan left.

The 2nd photo is a perfect picture of the finished product. They are chewy, ooey, gooey...with this amazing "crust" that holds it all together.

Only my daughter is gluten free..but we are all loving these. I am going to have a hard time buying any other brownie mix. AMAZING!!!!!

Now it's time to mow the lawn so I'll stop eating them.

(photos borrowed from the Stonewall Kitchen website..thanks :)
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