Has Anyone Tried This? Looking for Advice....

Has anyone tried Wen Haircare? I am thinking of investing today but would love some advice! I have highlighted hair past my shoulders...fine, but not superfine...but I am genetically predisposed to what I call frizz...not straight, not curly...don't get me near fog or the beach. I manage to get it pretty straight in fall, winter, most of spring....but summer is like beachy crazy hair all the time.

So yes, no, maybe? Have you tried?


  1. Yes, I have used this! It worked really well at first but I found after a year or so it was not working so well anymore. I think it would be a great product to try for the summer. I would suggest you try it from QVC, but not the super size. They will take back returns after you have tried it for 30 days, no questions asked. And they are right, don't skimp on the application, more is better! Use as recommended.

  2. Surely you jest...Have you looked at my hair? Apparently it is still there but is trying to escape my head as we speak...

  3. Have not tried it yet but got some for free and it's sitting on my bathroom counter!!


Thanks for chatting!

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