Vitalicious is Fab!

Have you tried VitaTops? I have found them to be a quick, convenient breakfast on my way to work. My 12 year old son also enjoys the convenience of making his own breakfast...which in this case doesn't require a lot of energy...

No artificial additives or preservatives...a definite selling point for me. (You keep them in the freezer for freshness...and then leave on the counter overnight to unthaw, microwave, or even toast lightly!)

My favorite flavor is the Deep Chocolate. It is fudgy and moist...100 calories, 9 grams of fiber, and 26 carbs.

Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip has my 2 favorite flavors combined, and makes a sweet 100 calorie snack.

Chocolate Mint has a fudgy cool mint flavor...nice with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. (wink wink)

Banana Nut reminds me of my mom's banana nut bread growing up...awesome with a glass of cold milk.

Some other awesome flavors are: Raisin Bran,Golden Corn (hubby's fav), Banana Fudge, Cran Bran, and several sugar free varieties as well.

There are always fabulous deals on the Vitalicious website. If you sign up for emails, you will get sale updates. You can order single boxes, cases, and even get gift memberships!

I love the fact that the website also tells me I can walk off a single Muffin Top in 15 minutes! Not bad at all.

Vitalicious also sells VitaBuns, VitaMuffins, VitaBrownies, VitaMixes, VitaSandwiches, etc...

Check back often to see the daily specials.


  1. They are yummy. My girlies even like them. Made the mistake of eating two the first day I tried them and it gave me horrible bloating. I can only handle small doses of fiber at a time:)

  2. I have never tried them but I will now. Hope your summer is splendid teacher!!!



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