Keep Your Family's Skin Safe

I have always been proactive when it comes to using products I feel are safe for my family. From food to sunscreen, we spend a lot of time and effort making good choices. LONG before our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, our kids were reading labels for added colors, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners.

I have had true concerns about our sunscreen for a couple of years. We always used Water Babies on our fair skinned children. I would slather them down each morning in the summer...and also included water shirts in their wardrobe for a bit more coverage.

Late last summer I did a bit of investigating and changed to Jason sunscreen. It had great reviews, better ingredients...and smells AMAZING! I also picked up a tube of Badger...also highly reviewed, but a little more difficult to apply because it doesn't really rub in. It is not meant to be absorbed, but to act as a barrier. I guess that's one of the most important things I learned through my research, sunscreen is absorbed by the skin and often contains harmful chemicals, sunblock on the other hand, sits on the skin, acting as more of a physical barrier.

Recently I came across EWG, a site that allows you to enter the name of a cosmetic, skin care item, shampoo, sunscreen, etc...and then rates its safety. I used this site to choose sunscreens for my 12 and 7 year olds.

First I picked Jason Sunbrella Mineral Sunblock as our everyday lotion.
Next I picked a stick for my kids to carry with them everyday to apply to their faces in a pinch. My daughter carried one to school this year and applied it quickly before recess. I chose Adorable Baby Clear Sunscreen Stick. SPF 30. They LOVE the clear idea...no Casper impersonations.
I bought the Adorable Baby right on their site, and searched around a bit for the Jason. I know Whole Foods carries it, but I wanted to buy three tubes...so search around for a good price.

I hope this helps make your search a little easier. We want the best for our kids, and I know you want the best for yours as well.

(Please note these are just my opinions.)
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