Tea or Coffee?

What people drink says a lot about them. I think. I have never been a coffee drinker. An occasional morning iced Dunkin Donuts on the way to work after I've been up too late with one of the kids..maybe. Never hot. Yuck. That would make me feel old too. Tea...hot? Nah. I just don't like hot drinks. I do enjoy iced tea, but unsweetened iced tea. Otherwise I may as well just have a Coke...which I do crave now and again (no artificial sweetner thank you).

We have an iced tea maker, and I make a pitcher every other day or so. Berry and Mango by Touch Organic are my two favorites.We actually pick up big boxes of 100 bags at TJ Maxx. Every time I make a pitcher it takes about 12 bags, so the large box is much more economical.

I pour a nice tall Tervis Tumbler full, and off to work I go.
So what's your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink? (We'll talk about the good stuff another time :)
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