Come On Let's Go Organic!

Do you eat organic? We try our best. Our children's doctor told us the top 3 organic foods to buy are milk, strawberries, and olive oil. We have used organic milk for about 10 years. Stonyfield Farms is our favorite. We cook with olive oil all of the time, so it makes sense to use one whose olives have not been treated with chemicals. Same with strawberries. Why would I want my kids to gobble up a bowl full of pesticides?

I understand the obvious. Organic=Expensive. But don't worry, just make good choices. Things like root vegetables absorb the most chemicals from the ground, so buy these frequently used veggies organically grown. If you can't afford to go "all" organic, pick and choose. Buy fruits with peels traditionally grown. Buy grass fed beef and all natural chicken when possible.

We watch sales, and try our best to feed our family healthy foods. Don't forget, a small garden patch can yield wonderfully natural products if you make the choice to go chemical free! Start planning for this spring and summer now. Remember, organic doesn't always come from the grocery store shelf. Enjoy!
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