Collecting Vintage Treasures

Are you a collector? I am. It's one of my worst habits. I tend to be drawn towards vintage items. I think it's the history. I love things that may have been around when my parents or grandparents were growing up. I love trying to picture who may have played with the toy, or glanced at the time on the clock, or celebrated their child's birthday dinner with a certain set of dishes. I think part of the appeal comes from many hours I have tucked in between homework, lunches, laundry, and smiles, working my way through my parent's family history on Ancestry.com. I have this insatiable appetite to find answers. To fill in the pieces of the puzzle. I've gotten better about collecting...after all, collectors need room...which we don't have. So I keep those that have the most meaning...and then I try to sell others...at little sales in the summer, or on EBay. Each item is so pretty, so though provoking, so ready to tell a story...how can I resist?


  1. You have a fantastic Eye...I collect a few things. My mother-in-law is an absolute pro at it and this is right up her alley.

  2. we are made to be friends !! i love to collects old metals boxes , old bowls , old everything ! and i love your choices too !

  3. I love the vintage Locke-Ober utensil. Just imagine the mouths it may have fed-- perhaps it once held bites of Lobster Savannah for JFK!


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