After Thanksgiving I Felt Like a Weeble!

So...How are you feeling after the feast? I'm still trying to recover. Seriously, pie, turkey, stuffing...more stuffing, more stuffing. I feel like I could pop! Yet, I am still aiming to look cute for Christmas...right? Ugh-hugh. I am not hugely over my limit. But I am hovering dangerously close to my limit of 130. I am very happy, and actually fit in my winter pants at 122ish. I will get back there. I will guilt myself into it.

One of my favorite getting back into my jeans meals is salmon. It's healthy, easy, and my husband and I enjoy the taste.Wild Alaskan Seafood has amazing salmon. I ordered it for the first time a few months back. I was a little nervous...frozen salmon from so far away...but it was INCREDIBLE!!! First off, it shipped quickly, and secondly itwas packaged to perfection.

I unthaw 2 filets in the fridge the night before I am cooking it. What a simple meal. I lay the 2 filets in my glass corningware dish, wisk together freshly squeezed lemon, olive oil, and capers, pour over the salmon, and bake until slightly flaky. A little broccoli on the side with a fresh tossed salad. Perfect! In fact, if I keep eating like this, I may have to treat myself to a Gingerbread Martini this weekend!! Cheers!
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