Ciao Bella I Love You

Have you tried Ciao Bella?
We found it first at Target, but discovered it is also in our local Stop and Shop. If you are lucky enough to live in New York City, you may have visited a Ciao Bella shop. Lucky.
They make sorbet and gelato. I am counting the old calories, so I've been opting for the sorbet at only 60 calories a serving. I LOVE the coconut sorbet, and have been thinking it would be so nice at a dinner party in a little chocolate cup with chocolate shavings on top. My son loves the blood orange sorbet. The blackberry cabernet sorbet is delish, and smells JUST like a glass of cabernet.

The gelato...I have promised myself I can have some this weekend if I'm good all week. I bought the malted milk ball gelato today, and the chocolate hazelnut is also to die for.

What a perfect summer treat.

If you try it, or have already, please let me know your fav!


  1. Oh! I am a die-hard Sharon's sorbet fan, but at 60cal/serving, I am going to have to try this! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks for the post! We really appreciate when fans are able to learn about our brand.

  3. I have to look for those at Stop and Shop..., so far I have not found anything better than Ben & Jerry.


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