I Adore Marimekko

I have always loved the bright, fun loving prints by Marimekko. They are so cheerful. As much as I love my neutrals, I can't help thinking it would be so much fun to make a room pop with any of these prints. As I was growing up in the 70's, I remember Marimekko was popular...seems to be making a comeback.


  1. The dress in my blog post today is very Marimekko inspired. I love that you have a similar themed post!

    :) Love the graphic, punchy, colorful florals...so uplifting!

  2. My parents used to have Marimekko sheets when I was younger; I wish I could find them now!

    I un-protected my wordpress blog; thanks for the reminder! Would you mind stopping by and letting me know if you can access it? Thanks!


  3. Fun finds! I love the pink dress - adorable!

  4. Thanks for checking on me! I have given myself over to the joys of summer and everything is going well!


Thanks for chatting!

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