Volunteer...Get Free Disney Tickets!


Sorry, my links aren't working right now...but you can cut and paste this URL into your browser.

What a great opportuniity! We are thinking of visiting Disney this summer. We may be visiting our friends at their Georgia home this summer, and they suggested we take the 3 hour ride to Disney. Our kids, 6 and 11 have never been. This offer from Disney is to good to refuse! We will be volunteering at our local Oceanarium. It will be our first volunteer experience as a family; and I think it will feel so good to give back to the community.

Sign up now...a million tickets go fast!


  1. What a great opportunity. I've never heard of this before. Giving back is always a wonderful lesson for the little {and big} ones.


  2. I looked into this too and I am considering doing it. We are heading to SoCal in April and will spend a day at Disneyland.


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