Watching the Windsurfers

Ok, so we were promised 7o degrees a few days this week here in Southern Massachusetts...didn't happen until today! Wahoooooo...it's 77 degrees in the shade on our deck. I wish I had a time lapse option on my camera, because I'm watching leaves pop, and grass grow. Finally.

A few days ago, my daughter and I went down to the lighthouse at Ned's Point to watch the windsurfers and climb on the rocks. It was freezing, and we had to keep our hoods up on our sweatshirts it was so windy. The windsurfers are amazing...and must be pretty strong because the wind was beating the hell out of them.

Ok, the yard is calling me...rake, dig, rake, dig. But I look fashionable in my pink J Crew Bon Voyage tee shirt!


Old Navy and J Crew Combo (Hold the Fries)

Ok, this is my first attempt of IRL. The cardigan is Old Navy, the tee of course J Crew. I was inspired by Fabulous Florida Mommy, who has been combining Old Navy and J Crew on her blog. The necklace is vintage...a little alternative to the out of my price range J Crew pieces. I'll be showcasing some of my spring vintage pieces once they all arrive!


A Bit of Shopping in Hingham

We traveled to Hingham, Massachusetts yesterday to go to Derby Street Shoppes. I was very excited because they have a Crewcuts store. It was beautiful, and my five year old daughter especially loved the dressing room (the picture doesn't do it justice). We spent quite a while shopping at Crewcuts...purchasing a few items. Then we headed to J Crew for mom and dad...which was ok, nothing to brag about. I tried on a rolling ruffles in medium, needed a small or extra small-no luck there. Did some browsing...left without anything!

We headed off to Whole Foods to pick up fish oils for the kids. Nordic Naturals now offers a tangerine gummy variety! My kids did not do well with the squirt of the regular fish oil. They really are so good for you, and it's important to get a brand like Nordic Naturals that tests for things like PCB's. You don't want to give your kids contaminated anything!


I Love April Vacation.

April Vacation is finally here. My husband and I are both teachers, and believe me, we were ready for it. I can always tell when it's time for a school vacation. I'm so tired I want to go to bed at 8:00. My hair looks bad, my skin looks old (ok, so maybe I'm old). My school kids and my own two are irritable and cranky. I look at it as a time of revamping, refreshing, refueling. I'd say relaxing, but that is not the case. I actually look forward to doing yardwork. it's been a long snowy winter here in Massachusetts. Watching the daffodils blossom, the lilacs budding...incredible. Watching something eat a dozen new irises and a beautiful lily...not so incredible. We spend all day outside raking, digging, etc...it's still too early to plant. Frost is still a strong possibility. So we will have to be patient for a few more weeks.

This year I'm turning my veggie garden into a flower garden and we're making a HUGE veggie garden. I will post pictures as it all develops.

I'm also looking forward to a little rain...we'll head to Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham. I can't wait to pop into JCrew and eat lunch at Rustic Kitchen. It's great when you have a husband that loves to shop, and you have trained your kids to do the same!

So let's hope by Sunday night I look young(er), refreshed, and ready to conquer the final stretch!


Initial Outfitters Pieces Popping up Everywhere!

Miss USA

Get what all the girls are wearing. All the girls at the Miss USA pageant that is!!! This year, each contestant at the Miss USA pageant is receiving our monogrammed Chocolate Ribbon Bath Wrap and our monogrammed Light Pink Baseball Hat as part of their “survival kit”.

Miss USA Promotional Splash Image - Live From Las Vegas

InStyle Magazine

InStyle Magazine Cover April 2009 and TipsNTrends Page Showing An Assortment of Products Including Natural Jade Necklace and Pendant along with Copper Teardrop Pendant on Suede Cord

Two of Initial Outfitters' most stunning pieces were shown in the April 2009 edition of InStyle Magazine.

See these two great necklaces plus many more great spring fashion accessories!




A little of this...a little of that.


For sale today...all prices include shipping:

Size 8 Herringbone Fiona bright rhubarb NWT 38.00

Size S Bright Poppy sequin henley NWT 12.00

Size 6 Bright Rhubarb vintage cord. skirt NWT 30.00

Size M honey chiffon pleated cardigan NWOT 30.00

Size 8 weathered chino twill short SAQ color NWT 22.00

marked item from TJMaxx listed below (all J Crew)

Size M ruffle neck pique polo SFU NWT 20.00

Size 2p or 10 reg. fuschia dot tank dress NWT 30.00

Size 10 Portico turquoise linen dress NWT 30.00

Size 10p v-neck sheer back tie sleeveless blouse geranium NWT 16.00

Size S navy v-neck shirred tee 19.00

Size XS sleeveless lime sunmerweight sleeveless cashmere pintuck front shell NWT 30.00

Size 2 broken in classic twill mini skirt lemon NWT 25.00

Size 6 white with faint white stripes short 5-6" 22.00 NWOT

Size 4 casual white cotton jacket NWT 30.00

Size T6 dark chestnut wool gabardine 3-button mini hacking jacket
slight pull on right shoulder NWT 22.00


Size 9 Rafina in sun (run like a 7.5...I'm an 8 and they're too small) 20.00

Size 12 Perfect Patent Black Patent Flats 35.00

Size 12 Lizzie Driving Moc brown 35.00

Size 6 red jelly ballet flat 22.00 shipped

Size 7 black jelly ballet flat 22.00 shipped

Size 10 brown patent spectator mary jane flats 35.00

Size 6 Tierney kitten heel sandal gold/silver 35.00

Brass footed woven seagrass tote with brass hardware and purple patent trim and handles . Great for the beach.. 20.00 each (example below in silver)
The image “http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_3E0IIOjAHPs/SF-uEgMq_CI/AAAAAAAAAR0/ZVCZjePQws8/s200/CoconutBag.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Men's Tulum leather sandal size 9.5 30.00


monogrameverything@yahoo.com...or leave me a comment :)
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