Think Spring

It's amazing how excited we get at this time of year when we see that it's 5:30 and the sun is still out. "Yeessss!", we proclaim...thrilled at the prospect that spring may actually be around the proverbial corner. It's at that moment that we start to plan. We plan everything from what we will wear to where we will travel. We plan cookouts and long days on the beach building sand castles... days filled with laughter ...the building blocks of our future memories.

My thoughts of spring tend to be focused on endless articles on organic gardening or stacks of seed catalogs that have overtaken my living space. As I flip through the books, I imagine the sun, warm on my head as I carefully pluck the weeds around each delicate seedling in the row. I make lists and diagrams...I plan so carefully. I make new lists and new diagrams...an herb garden...more perennials?

When planting season finally arrives...my lists are lost, my drawings used for scrap paper. I plant my old standbys...every variety of heirloom tomato I can get my hands on....orange tuberous begonias to perk up the shade garden...herbs to keep near the kitchen for cooking, zinnias to add a burst of color anywhere you need it.

So when you notice the sun start to set a little bit later...dream a little dream
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