Thanks for the Award-Get to Know Me...

Thanks to Kathy and Seashell for the great award...I am honored.
Where is your cell phone?
In a pouch in my purse.

Your hair
: Straightish, wavyish, frizzyish...all at once...I know, imagine how I feel! Usually blowdry, flatiron, and cross my fingers.

Your mother
: 75, amazing, still works full time, cooks dinner every night...a loving powerhouse (who also reads my blog....love you Dooey :)

Your father
: 77, stubborn Irishman who can't stand the thought that he's not still 30...taught me to love gardening and birdwatching...retired pharmacist

Dream from last night: can't remember one

Favorite Drink
: Raspberry seltzer (ice cold) or coconut rum with pineapple juice

Dream/Goal: To retire in 9 years from teaching, and to have a second career...not sure what yet...also, to build a retirement home in Montana with my husband

What room are you in?: Kitchen/ Living Room (one big room)..family is playing Wii

Hobbies: gardening, decorating

What is it you fear?
: Getting sick or my husband getting sick, or not being able to keep my kids safe

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
: happy, same home, same job...unless we hit the lottery of course

Something you are not
: fond of heights, fond of deep water (can't swim)

Where were you last night
?: buying a car

Muffins: DD double chocolate...what happened to it? I miss it!

Wish list
: pay off bills, more time, more time, more time

Where did you grow up?
South Dartmouth, Mass

Last thing you did:
Walk away the Pounds with my husband

What are you wearing?
: sweats/exercise shirt

Maggie, 18 year old cat

Lots, work friends, neighborhood friends, growing up friends....treasures

Your life;
always amazing...always too fast

Your mood:

Missing Someone
: Edna

2002 volvo wagon, 2010 Kia Soul :)

Something you're not wearing:

Fav store: J Crew, T J Maxx, everywhere, anywhere

Fav color: green

Last time you laughed:
with friends this afternoon

can't keep track

Best friend:
Kevin, Tracy, Ro

A place you go over and over:
to the candy bowl

Favorite place to eat:
Elizabeth's in Fairhaven

I will nominate bloggers this week!

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