I LOVE My French Gift!

Morgane, my favorite French blogger has sent me this beautiful note and Chestnut spread as part of our Autumn Gift Exchange. It just arrived, and I could not wait to open the package! The note was so thoughtful, the gift, so unique! I can't wait to try this, as I've never tried Chestnut spread. I may have to hide it from my family. This is an even more special gift, after reading Morgane's post about Chestnut picking with her children. International friendships are fabulous! Thanks Morgane! (Mine is on its way...keep your eye out!)


  1. What a great gift!

    The Chestnut spread sounds very interesting....I bet it's good!!!

  2. i'm so happy !!!! i hope you enjoy it ! i'm also glad you didn't know chesnut spreas : it will be a discover for you and i love that !!
    Thanks for sharing it with everybody : i feel like i'm special LOL !!!
    i can't wait to have your gift too !!!

    PS : chesnut spread is so sweet ! yummy on pancakes !!!

  3. it's also fun to see my gift in "real " in your house ! yes to international friendship and exchange!!!

  4. What a great gift! You are a lucky lady with a sweet friend.

    I've never heard of chestnut spread. Do they sell it here in the States?


  5. hi everybody
    you can buy it there ...http://www.saveurdujour.com/chestnut-spread-creme-marrons-p-448.html
    It's a real french and one of the best chesnut spread

  6. that is a beautiful gift! i hope you enjoy using that spread, it sounds really unique and good!

  7. Check out Nigella's Christmas recipes for a nice chestnut dessert!


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