What a Crop

As many of you know, this year we got a little crazy and made a humongous veggie garden...more like a small farm. It rained for a month straight...from mid-May to mid-June, definitely altering the typical planting/growing of gardens here in much of the Northeast. It has also rained quite a bit this summer. Our lawn is the greenest it has ever been at this time of year. We've also cut it a bazillion times. So needless to say, the most prolific crop we had this year was WEEDS!!!

Ok, so the weeds are a bit out of control, and the deer ate the heads off of our sunflowers;however, the rest of our garden has been doing surprisingly well. Tomatoes are scarce right now due to blight...but we've actually been very lucky.

So far, here are our totals...and still counting:

Summer Squash:21
Zucchini: 16
Cukes: 129
Cherry Tomatoes: 537
Tomatoes: 89
Eggplant: 15
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