Thanks for the Great Advice...Here I Go!!!

Thanks to all of my wonderful, helpful, and informative blogger friends for their wonderful advice on how to lose 10 pounds. I have already taken advice from several of you! I have started eating more often when my schedule permits, stopped drinking Carnation Breakfast in the morning, eat raw almonds as a little snack. I have also started adding more protein...a little peanut butter with breakfast...chicken in my lunch. Just by making these modifications, I lost 2 pounds this week! Yes!! So now I am at 131 pounds. I also ran out and bought Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD as recommended by another one of my fav bloggers Brunch at Saks. I will start that possibly today. It's supposed to yield great results. So I'm off and running.

Starting weight: 133 pounds
Current weight: 131 pounds
Time: 1 week
Goal: 123 pounds(approx....give or take a couple)
Time Goal: Thanksgiving

Once again, thanks so much. I could not have made the changes without your guidance and suggestions.

I will check in every Sunday with my results!!
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