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Happy Monday afternoon. The sun is actually shining here on the Southcoast of Massachusetts. A remarkable thing this summer. The weekend was a wash or washout I guess. Rain, thunder, lightning. On a BRIGHT note, I made a clamboil.

For those of you not from this area, you absolutely have to try one. After soaking the clams a few times in the sink, pour a beer and a cup of water into the bottom of the biggest steaming(or pasta) pot you have. Place the steaming basket in, and then start layering. Clams on the bottom, followed by potatoes, onions, sausage, and linguica. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, then turn down and steam until potatoes are fork tender.Add hot dogs to the top when the boil is almost done. Serve with cups of melted butter and broth. Absolutely to die for. Some people add crushed red pepper and garlic to the liquid for added flavor, I have never found the need. (Estimate 1 quart of clams per person.) We also wrapped single servings of cod and steamed them on top of everything with the hot dogs. Another option is to throw a piund of large shrimp on towards the end. I've tried it all, and it's so YUMMY!

I was looking through some pictures today, and came across this picture my husband took from the Azores last spring. He visited Sao Miguel with his dad and one of his brothers. This is just one of many photos that show how gorgeous the islands are. My father-in-law is on Sao Miguel right now. I would love to visit with my kids some day. We are a bit of a melting pot in our house...Irish, English, Portuguese, French Canadian. My Great-Grandparents came from Ireland, England and from Sao Miguel and Sao Jorge in the Azores, Portugal. My husbands great-grandparents came from Canada, England, and Sao Miguel. I would love to hear from anyone who has visited the Azores, or who has family from there.

I received my J. Crew Aurora sandals that I blogged about several days ago. They are as beautiful in real life. They fit true to size, but be sure to order up if you are a half size, as the 8 just fits. I fixed the flowers a bit, as they were a little squished, not too bad.

Have a wonderful day!
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