Field Trips in June...Yahoooo!

Ok, we're winding down. For those of you who don't know, I'm a 7th grade teacher. A VERY tired 7th grade teacher. A teacher who is ready to be done with her 17th year teaching and have a good long rest. (Well, not really, I WILL clean and cook, and garden, and purge the clutter, and play with my kids, and clean some more...and I will LOVE every second of it). I've hit the wall for this year. I'm exhausted by 8:00pm, I have dark circles, and I can't keep up with my house. This is the time of year that they suck the life out of you. BUT (yes, I started a sentence with but), there is something that makes all of us, kids and adults love life...FIELD TRIPS!

My block partner and I have planned 2 field trips in June, one is to Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island, and one is to Fenway Park. These are 2 of my favorite places on earth. Marble House amazes the kids with its grand rooms, golden furnishings, and the fact that people actually lived there. The kids are equally awestruck by Fenway. The kids get to tour the park, sit in the Green Monster seats, and dream. Many of them have never been to Boston, and never will get to a Red Sox game, but they don't care, this is amazing enough. I planned the trip on a home game day this year...maybe there will be players around...who knows.

So we will make it through the next 13 1/2 days. And we'll have a fun time doing it!
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