Tickled Pink

Ok all of my blogger friends. I've been holding out on you. I haven't shared. I received a fabulous (and completely unexpected) PINK bike for Mother's Day! This is exactly what it looks like. I am now on a search for the perfect bike basket. I'll probably need a bell as well, to alert my kids that mom's coming up quickly and can't stop. Ok, I haven't been riding lately, I admit it. I'll be practicing up and down my road. And yes, I will be donning a helmet!


  1. So cute - love love love it!!

  2. I love this bike! I can just see it with a wicker basket on the front! Absolutely beautful! Enjoy!

  3. I love it! I love it! I love it! You know where I found the best wicker bike basket? The bike shop on Nantucket of course! Right when you get off the Steamship ferry it's the bike shop on the left. I lived there for four months for a summer program in Historic Preservation. We lived out of town in dorms, but didn't have cars so a bike basket was a necessity. I love the grey weathered look it has now-- but haven't ridden a bike since I left the island seven years ago!

  4. Thanks Heidi! Kathy-I agree, a wicker basket is perfect! Stephanie-I absolutely want a basket that weathers perfectly. I haven't been to Nantucket in a while(just "in my mind".) Might have to hop on the ferry this summer. I think it's time to introduce my kids. I search the house rentals every spring, but just can't find an awesome house in my budget.I've often thought about renting a waterfront home right here in my town and "pretending" that we are away!!

  5. oh - that is excellent!

    and you're right...
    a basket would just
    MAKE IT!

    ride safe!
    go everywhere!

    peace~ Chuck

  6. Adorable! and I got one too! Check out my post!
    I hope your family had as much time as mine in the hunt for the perfect bike for Mom! I was very happy and so touched that they worked so hard. Yes, I'm looking for the perfect basket too! Let me know if you see any!


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