A Jar of Memories

I'm one of those people who tears pages from magazines and files them away. You know... the perfect outfit, a great wedding cake, a beautifully decorated home, a charming garden, etc...I tore out a page from who knows what magazine at least five years ago, that showed a beautiful Memory Jar. I've wanted to make this for my mom ever since, and finally, this year, the pieces all fell into place. My oldest brother J in New Jersey sent me his childhood memories, my baby brother B in New York sent me his. My two sisters who live in a neighboring town (S and C) sent me theirs. Then I carefully chose my own. I wrote the messages on pretty paper, folded them up in a prettified jar, and it was ready to go. Judging from the smiles and laughter as Mom opened each paper, I think it was a success. So even though it's a little late for this Mother's Day...Father's Day is just around the corner!

(The picture above is the one that I made...jar from K Mart, notecards from Marshall's, ribbon from an old floral sale)
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