Is it the Fourth Of July?

My husband and I took our kids out to dinner and then headed to Marshall's for a quick look around. I spotted this little red, white and blue number by Ralph Lauren on the sale rack for $29. They had obviously just been put out, because the bows were still covered with tissue. I searched the size 8's...nothing. I grabbed the size 7 1/2 (even though I usually size up, not down), and crossed my fingers. They fit! A little snug, but leather stretches, right? (Just go with me on this one.) I contemplated them for a few minutes. Too Fourth of July, American Flag? Then I decided to think of them as a nautical summer piece (that I could also wear on the 4th), and I was SOLD! Now I need suggestions. Help!

P.S. I had an absolutely incredible pizza at a restaurant called The Pasta House. It was Clams Casino! (After a generous portion of fried ravioli). No IRL's for me this weekend...time to get back to the Walk Away the Pounds Video...I need to drop a fast five.


  1. Shoes are adorable - what a great buy!!

  2. Those are adorable! They're not too "Fourth of July" at all. It looks more nautical/Americana than anything, like you mentioned. :)

  3. So cute and what a great find! They will look great with jeans. I love shoes that add a little color to my outfit. Dinner sounded great!


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