Hair Equals Stress

I have a hair appointment looming in the near future (Saturday), and I'm kind of torn. My last "hairstyle" has kind of grown out. It's been about 5 months (eeeeek) since I've been cut and highlighted. My hair is slightly past my shoulders. So right now I'm going through the should I just trim or go for a style...I certainly can't make up my mind. I'm a bit IRL shy, so I'll describe: I have hair that is medium thinnish with a slight wave, and a lot of frizz if I don't straighten with a brush or flatiron. I grew up with a dirtyblondish color that always had golden streaks in the summer. I long for a style, but mourn my longer hair once it's gone...a product of a house with three long haired girls who grew up in the Brady Era. I am very lucky at 43 to be free of grey hairs...thanks mom.

I love this crisp, clean look on Jenny McCarthy.

Nicole Richie's hair is gorgeous. I love the color, and the way it seems to fall casually.

Kate Moss's new look is fresh. My hair is similar in texture.

So what do you think? Which hairstyle do you like?

(Of course my 10 year old son would love me with a pink mohawk..."I think your
hair is short enough Mom." was his recent comment on the way home from little
league game...not a kid who enjoys change(s)...even on my head. )

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