Old Navy and J Crew Combo (Hold the Fries)

Ok, this is my first attempt of IRL. The cardigan is Old Navy, the tee of course J Crew. I was inspired by Fabulous Florida Mommy, who has been combining Old Navy and J Crew on her blog. The necklace is vintage...a little alternative to the out of my price range J Crew pieces. I'll be showcasing some of my spring vintage pieces once they all arrive!


  1. I love those colors together...I have that tee and a similar cardigan...I am going to have to try this look, too! Thanks for the inspiration...

  2. Thanks Dina, I'm trying to keep up with all of you...it's not easy! Looking forward to reading more posts on your blog. We're glad you're back!

  3. Very cute together! I love those tees!

  4. You look great! So fabulous to see the IRL pics, too! :)


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