Felix Ray Totes for Target

How cute are these? I saw the scallop shell/coral tote at the Dartmouth Target this weekend and I'm sorry I didn't pick it up. It is adorable, and the price makes it that much more appealing. It is also a great size, larger than a magazine. It would look great with all of your J. Crew spring metallics!

On another topic...does anyone remember when Banana Republic was first popular, and they had beautiful white linen shirts, khaki shorts, pants, and skirts....natural leather bags...very Out of Africa (my favorite movie). I miss that BR. I wish they'd bring back a vintage line. Does anyone else remember this?


  1. OH YES I DO remember the Out of Africa BR days, and LOVED them! I also saw these bags in Target yesterday...I'm considering the Linen/Gold one, but would really like to get it on sale. :)

  2. That gold and linen one is gorgeous! I sure could use a new bag too... Well, more like I sure want one. ;)


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