A Bit of Shopping in Hingham

We traveled to Hingham, Massachusetts yesterday to go to Derby Street Shoppes. I was very excited because they have a Crewcuts store. It was beautiful, and my five year old daughter especially loved the dressing room (the picture doesn't do it justice). We spent quite a while shopping at Crewcuts...purchasing a few items. Then we headed to J Crew for mom and dad...which was ok, nothing to brag about. I tried on a rolling ruffles in medium, needed a small or extra small-no luck there. Did some browsing...left without anything!

We headed off to Whole Foods to pick up fish oils for the kids. Nordic Naturals now offers a tangerine gummy variety! My kids did not do well with the squirt of the regular fish oil. They really are so good for you, and it's important to get a brand like Nordic Naturals that tests for things like PCB's. You don't want to give your kids contaminated anything!


  1. How adorable, there are pillows in the Crewcuts dressing room? :)

    I did not even know that fish oils came in flavored varieties. Maybe that would encourage -me- to take them more regularly!

  2. I just returned a size S rolling-ruffles tank (in light pewter)to a B&M in Roseville, MN today! I can get you their # if you would like!?!

    LOVE your blog, btw! :)

  3. Sounds like just a fun time, and I LOVE the Crewcuts dressing room...how fab is that?

    Btw, I love what you've done with your blog...it looks fantastic! :)


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