Things I Can't Live Without

Ok, well, first of all, my family is the #1 thing I can't live without.

So now that I've said that, this post is about the "things"...my vices, that I need my daily fix of.

First there's Toned Day Cream from Dr. Hauschka. It's a tinted cream I put on after my moisturizer to brighten up my face.
Next, Burt's Bees Rhubarb Lip Shimmer. My lips have never been dry since I've used the shimmers. They are sheer but add a nice touch of color.

Thirdly, I love Better Botanicals Dandelion Moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin and the Dandelion Face Cream soothes it all day. I mix a bit of the tinted day cream with the Dandelion cream for my own special concoction.

I can't leave out San Pellegrino. I love sparkling water. It saves me from drinking soda...yet gives me something a little perkier than bottled spring water. Add a slice of orange for a little tang.

Ok, truthfully, my list could go on and on. What are some of your "favorite things"?

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