Spring...Glorious Spring...

Ok, so maybe it's not officially spring..but I'll take the 60 degree day we're having. The snow is melting as I type, causing endless streams of water, puddles, and mud. I LOVE it. After the LONG winter we have had here in Southeastern Massachusetts, I'll trade a bit of yuck and muck for a stroll down the road with my kids, sprouting daffodils and irises, and rows of lavender yearning to send out their bountiful aroma.

I'm sure it will get cold and snow before the week is out, but...there is hope!


  1. Good Morning! I'm so glad to hear you were able to get a little bit of warmer weather! Hopefully Spring will come quickly for you this year! I was at a TJ Maxx grand opening yesterday up the road from my house, and women were rushing to purchase swimsuits because the weather is so sunny and warm here now. I saw numerous people with tans already when I was out running errands, too.

  2. Hi FFM-

    It was a glorious weekend, in the mid 60's. We have a lot to clean up after this winter. I look forward to summer days in the garden and at the beach with my kids.


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