Those Amazing Kids!

This week was the kind of week where you realize that you are definitely in the right profession. As a teacher, you seldom get the pat on the back, the compliment from a colleague or coworker. This week I realized that a lifetime of compliments could not compare with the heartfelt compassion and generosity I witnessed in our 7th grade students at my Middle School. Our students raised an incredible amount of money for a young boy named Owen who suffers from Type II SMA. Today they were able to present the check to his mom, and to meet Owen. The children were thrilled beyond belief to meet Owen...bursting with excitement before he came through the door. I know that Owen will be in their hearts for many years to come. They are truly amazing.


  1. Wow! Amazing. I teach middle-school, too. For all of their "angst," this age group can be truly spectacular when called to it!

  2. Ah, finally someone who understands the middle school child...and loves J Crew!


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