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Breathe In

On my way to work yesterday morning I was mesmerized by the light.
The sun was just peeking up, filling my world with an autumnal glow.
I just knew that I would get up early today, Veteran's Day, and photograph this beauty.

The moon was bright early this morning. Last night it sat oversized in our night sky, almost as if someone had hung a paper prop on an elementary school stage. Today it sat high and I squinted, not sure this was the same moon!

The sunflowers, long past blossom sat ravaged by the birds.
Their silhouette screamed out to me…."Patience!"

A late pumpkin perched atop our fence post, soaked in the same chilly dew that was filling my lungs. An air so pure I wanted to bottle it and greedily tuck it away just for me! I gulped in the misty air, letting it clear my mind and settle my soul.

The most amazing mushrooms dotted the hill. I waited for a gnome to peek over the top, but I suppose he was hiding. This brought me back to 3rd grade kite contests with homemade brown paper kites…etched with a child's pencil sketch of a critter peeking over a mushroom...

My goodness, the detail…..like the rim of a glass dipped in sugar crystals. An amazing adaptation.

This mushroom was wide and flat. It reminded me of a pie crust….

with perfect fork pressed edges!

The sunlight arrived in orange patches. Little glowing spotlights…first low on the wall, 

….then high in the tree tops.

I was fascinated with the way it danced on the leaves, but even more taken by the way it caused the stones to absorb the light…

The ferns have succumbed, laying at my feet, just as stunning now as when they first unfurled their lacy fronds.

Grasses and hydrangeas wear their autumn colors, fading daily into dormancy, awaiting a long sleep….

I was encircled by the glow, knowing this is EXACTLY what I had hoped it would be, 

sunshine and shadows, light and dark ,

And as I turned  before going back in the house I noticed this, the blanket of chilled dew encircling the garden area. 

A safety net... protecting me , and what I love.


{Day 31} 31 Days of Writing Challenge


I learned SO MUCH during this challenge! Honestly, I never dreamed it could transform my way of thinking about writing. I started out without a plan, thinking I would just write about whatever came to mind. I faltered, and started a daily installment of fiction. But I became a bit greedy. "That's mine!", I thought. I wanted to keep it for me, no one else, so I removed it. I think the process of writing is so personal, that  I didn't want it shared until finished. So then I started choosing a sort of random photo daily, and had a great time writing free verse poetry. This was so far away from my usual writing, yet it felt pure and right, and freeing. But then life kicked me in the rear, and I was exhausted, and trying to fit in all of the things that HAD to be done. Like feeding kids and driving to practices, and prepping math lessons.

So I have spent a few days playing "catch up".And I did it! And it feels good.

So here's what I learned:

I am a hopeless dreamer.

Nature is my truest connection to this world.

I need to tap into my creative side, now more than ever. 

I WILL pursue my writing and photography.

That little girl above in the picture hasn't changed much in her love of flowers and gardens and all things pretty. (Please forgive the orange and pink.)

Life is fast, and I need to find more time for writing, or I truly will have regrets.

So look for LOTS more writing as autumn turns to winter. I hope you will join me and encourage me in my quest to transition careers over the next few years. 


{Day 30} 31 Days of Writing Challenge - CATBIRD

The first moment
I saw you I knew

I knew you were here
To watch over me.

You added comfort to
The season, waiting for me by the porch door
And then following me to the garden.

You truly brought me peace as you
Waited so patiently on the fencepost
Or close by on the apple tree.

Farewell my friend, my protector, my confidante.
See you next spring
When the grass is green.


{Day 29} 31 Days of Writing Challenge THE ICE PRINCESS

The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess danced
Across the field last night.
She flew low across the grasses in the meadow
And embraced the maple.
But when she reached the garden
I think she paused,  at least for a moment,
And then she took her icy wand
And tucked it in her billowing robe
And decorated each petal of each flower
With a kiss from her silvery lips.


{Day 28} 31 Days of Writing Challenge - A SEED

A Seed

Seeds hide
In the most glorious places.
Right before our noses they
Camouflage themselves so cleverly.
A pine cone hangs innocently
From a branch…
Gathered for a winter craft,
Eaten by a soon to be resting animal…
And some, the ones that nature allows,
 land effortlessly
on a dampened piece of earth,
Perfectly sheltered from the wind.
And the cycle endures.
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