It's been a while. But I am here. Lost in a summer that wears many coats. I have decided to clean our home almost as if we were moving. Every nook and cranny…every messy drawer and closet. Every piece of paper, EVERYTHING. And it's taking a very long time.

Bee on Lavender

I have now been on vacation for about a month. And I see progress. But my goal is to be DONE by the end of July. So cheer me on please! I need people over my shoulder encouraging me! I can see the finish line! It will feel amazing to reclaim my chaotic home. 

Bush Morning Glory

 And don't worry! I have had time in the garden! Usually I head down early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. Or I take a little peek halfway through the day.

The flowers have all just burst on the scene and their color and shape and texture bring me such joy! I have gardened for 40 years, and still have goosebumps when I see blossoms open from seeds I sowed. 


Quite honestly, if I had time, I'd probably pack a lunch and stay the day :) 

Radish Gone to Flower

 But then I'd miss out on UNO marathons with a certain 11 year old (both of us exhausted and VERY punchy after a night of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome…131 days…yes!)


 And I'd miss out on a certain 16 year old getting picked up for 
his driving lesson. 

Cicada Exoskeleton on the Underside of a Squash Leaf

 And goodness knows I'd miss out on a certain pug following every step I take…hopeful for a green bean.

Basket Nasturtium with Variegated Leaf

 So I am here…lost in the satisfaction of everyday life. Smile.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


a gift.

 On long winter nights I cozy under the down comforter, and drift off into a dreamland of lazy ocean breezes and the kiss of spring rain.

My winter dreams are vivid and hauntingly beautiful, staying with me long after I awaken.

Dreams of catbirds calling to me from the arbor outside the bedroom window…a conversation, although silent on my part, undeniably meaningful to both.

Dreams of nature calling to my heart and finding a true companion…

But most of all, my winter dreams are green…..and white, and pure. They are an awakening of the soul, a connection to our universe.

My dreams are unthawed earth giving way to blades of grass….

…they are stalks and stems growing leaves and buds….sprouting life.

And in these dreams I find what I am seeking...

a wish upon a wish

for beauty and peace and joy 

to envelop us all as we walk on this Earth.

I chase these dreams in all four seasons...

afraid to miss an ounce of what has been so lovingly gifted.


Open Windows

 Well the windows are open. Finally. And the air wafting in is fresh with the scent of springtime….a casually blended mix of freshly dug earth and expectant blossoms. And I am relishing every moment.

The Baltimore Oriole swoops down in an incredible curved path, headed straight for the top of the knotty old apple tree. He sings from the top. It's a song of pleasure. And then off he flits, disappearing among the unfurling leaves of a nearby tree. I wonder about their existence. Their brains.Their habits. Their purpose. Just as Darwin may have puzzled over the many varieties of finches on the Galapagos Islands. The migratory pattern of these birds amazes me. Can that not be called intelligence? That innate ability to travel thousands of miles to a place that offers a space to nest and  food to gather?

I realize that spring has not only awoken the part of my brain that likes to dream of lush gardens filled with bountiful crops and arms full of vibrant flowers….but the part of my brain that thinks and reasons. Nature has a way of allowing its simple existence to permeate the snow-covered cobwebs of my mind and allows me to launch fireworks that spark my inquisitive, curious, hopeful side.

As I water the radishes and early lettuces, a yellow-tailed hawk flies several feet over my head. I duck as the bold shadow momentarily blocks the sun. The hawk quickly perches on a barren branch at the top of a pine, his loud predatory call telling me there are babies nearby, and he is the protector. I finish my watering and head back up the hill, knowing that I am just a guest in this place on the edge of the woods where I push seeds into warm brown earth.

I sleep better these days. Maybe that's what happens when you fall asleep and wake up thinking about wild flower meadows and the cry of the catbird .

You just cannot help thinking about the path life is carrying you on. 
And somehow I think my answers are an arm's reach away….

Whatt does springtime mean to you?



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On Sunday, 
I spent the afternoon and evening
out in the country, wandering through greenhouses,
chatting with new friends,
playing with flowers,
and sampling
amazing food!
(ok, and a fabulous cocktail or 2)

It was a Kinfolk Magazine
event: A Flower Potluck.
How unique!

Each of us brought an
armful of spring flowers
to a farm owned by
Eva Sommaripa, Eva's Garden, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
(my hometown).

The weather, more like a crisp fall day than a late April one,
blessed us with clear blue skies 
and just a touch of wind.

I decided to attend
at the last moment, 
encouraged by my husband who offered
to drive me, as my night vision is horrendous!

For those of us who
love to garden, it was love at first sight.
Rows of garlic, thick and healthy...
and way ahead of ours....

...beautiful structures
around every turn....

....greenhouses as far as the eye could see...
This one was wall to wall with Pea Greens...
soft, lush, and incredibly tasty.
(I believe this is Eva's top seller in the commercial end of the garden.)
Cozy place for a nap...no?

Former executive chef at Boston's Beacon Hill Bistro, and owner of Bread and Salt Hospitality, 
Joshua Lewin, with his partner Katrina Jazayeri, 
set up a perfect, rustic chic scene in an
open area overlooking the kitchen gardens.

(Update 5/28/15: Josh and Katrina could really use your support as they build their latest destination eatery,"Juliet". Click here to support them!

Katrina's talent for 
"setting the scene" was apparent....hand-stenciled butcher paper
on the picnic table,
vintage silverware, glass jars with spring buds,
tealights, silver trays full of 
"Marie Antoinette" glasses....the details
made the scene
 pastoral, and easy.
(Thanks Katrina!)

There was a 
simple bar area
set up for cocktail hour...

San Pellegino Orange
Sliced Cucumber

Fresh, crisp, perfect.

Eva supplied us with
edible flowers...pansies, nasturtium,
and others I can't recall the names of....

Baby lettuce, so perfect,
lay in one of the
awaiting a local chef's
plan...though nothing fancy
 needs to be 
to make Eva's greens taste amazing.

We scurried around,
picking seasonal flowers,
daffodils and forsythia....

We combined
our new finds
with the blossoms
we had supplied...
keeping in mind our springtime May Day theme...
thoughts of delivering a bouquet to a friend
or a posy to a loved one.

Again, Katrina had remembered
the details,
supplying  us with canning
jars and  spools of twine to allow
our arrangements to 
of the landscape.

Josh delivered an afternoon
of culinary delight, 
preparing and serving us 
fresh, local flavors
from Eva's gardens.

We nibbled on the crusty bread,  gravitating towards the
 fire as the sun dipped down, 
bringing a chill to the air.

It was a treat to watch Josh preparing
our meal in Eva's massive brick oven.

First a Chilled Spring Greens Soup, topped with 
Shy Brothers Cheese (one of my favorites...love their Hannahbells!)
The cool, crisp flavors, melted with the cheese, creating a creamy, palette pleasing experience.

Whole Chicken Poached in Plugra and Fenugreek,
cooked in the brick oven, was amazing. The crispy coated chicken,
perfectly cooked, and fork tender, was accompanied by
Brussel Sprouts with Sumac and Apple, and

Wood Roasted Fava Beans
Piment d'Espelette.

I am looking forward to cooking our fava beans this way...
the beans had loads of flavor. The French infused spice
gave one of my garden favorites a new slant.

We also had bowls of fresh greens 
which I think had a warm
dressing drizzled on them.

I left a bit earlier than the others,
yes, just as dessert was about to be served...
I believe they were creating an
amazing crust in the outdoor oven, with cheese and fig and raisins...
not sure, as I think this was a last minute creation.

I was tired at this point, my toes were frozen, and
I knew I'd be getting up at the crack of dawn, as school vacation
had screeched to a halt. And my lime green chariot was awaiting me(with husband at the wheel).

It was a lovely afternoon and evening of new acquaintances,
beauty of the natural landscape, and 
proof that simple, fresh ingredients, 
can change the way we look at 
food. ( Of course it helps if you are an amazing chef.)

Next time (hope there is a next time)....I would love a chance
to pick Eva's brain...when to plant, where to plant....how to expand,
how to know what direction to take. Eva gave an amazing description of bronze fennel, its flavor, the intensity of its flower, the ability to use the pollen as a condiment...
now that's what I need to know!

Now this is Serenity.

Please support Josh and Katrina in their latest venture, here!


A Nantucket Tour

On a recent hazy Saturday we set off on the fast ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket.

We were headed to our 11 year old's soccer game.

And seeing as it had been 17 years since my husband and I visited the island, the journey was a bit sentimental.

But the day was fast and well-orchestrated. Nantucket parents picked us up at the ferry and whisked  us off to the soccer fields. After the game, we were driven back to the ferry with about 20 minutes to spare before our scheduled departure.

My son and I headed to the center of town, both of us snapping photos as quickly as we could. Oh how I wish we had time to enjoy a leisurely stroll as a family! Vacations have been few and far between in recent years.

But we both snapped a few of our favorite scenes. No easy feat, as it was Wine Festival weekend, and tourists and cars lined the streets.

I could tell my son was sad to have to rush….this young man who has been bitten by the photography bug, saw vistas he was longing to capture; however time got in our way. 

The shop fronts and spring flowering trees were setting a stage of quaintness and a time gone by.

It reminded me of the time we spent here for Daffodil weekend so many years before.

And as I photographed, though rushed and a bit frustrated, I was surrounded by the warmth of familiarity and memories….

and I knew right then that we will return with our children.

Even if we come over on the ferry for a day,we will return to  visit the shops...

to pop into the museums….

to relax on a beach...

to spend time as a family, exploring…..


(and yes….they won:)

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